I am a confirmed hobbyist.  I love painting, clay sculpture, writing, reading, learning music, watching movies, teaching Accounts and others connected with the outside. 


My favourite Pastime is playing snooker.

This book is special.  It explains a super easy aiming system. Exclusive. A snooker or pool player has only to add this element of FINE Tuning to his usual way of Playing.

A player like me improves exponentially, a good player becomes a champion while a coach/instructor becomes famous and earns heaps of money by passing my discovery to his  students. Selling from here only ... 29 Euro.


How to Buy .. Contact me and I will send you my bank account details.  After you pay I will email you the LINK to Download it.  Very easy.

                           My Books

About me

 I pass the time enjoying my many Hobbies while managing and hiring out my Marsalforn apartment on short lets.  I also manage this website and try to promote the books that I have published.  


The green book - How to Fine Tune your Aim in Snooker and Pool - is exclusive.  My new DISCOVERY.  Sold from here only.


I love painting.  I have been trying to learn the technique since I was 15.  I remember my first oil painting was a man on horseback silhoutted against a red sunset sky.  I painted it on a piece of plywood. 

Nowadays I also try my hand at acrylics and water colours and recently I am doing digital art (see Book Cover of 'Fungus Rock Night Adventure'.

Clay Sculpture

Clay sculpture is a first class hobby.  I love the way of creating something beautiful out of the raw material that I collect from a nearby hill.  I have done several crib figurines,  a few larger stand alone figures as well as some bas reliefs.  


Writing is very relaxing I started writing kind of by accident.  It came about because of my love for playing snooker.  While practising at home one evening, I discovered a new easy way of aiming.  I improved so much after this that I felt obliged to explain it all in a little book which I called 'Secret to Fine Aiming and Potting Balls'.  After this book I wrote another and another. 

What's This all About

I have published a Book entitled 'Secret to Fine Aiming and Potting Balls' which I  AIM to promote on these pages.   My other books are on sale at Amazon as well.   Before deciding to buy the Book you may wish to watch me on Youtube potting all the balls on my makeshift table at home.  Click HEREHERE.